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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Meet our artists – the talented creators of Taunina’s collections. Each creation bears the initials of the artist, as each piece is inextricably linked to its creator. It is an exquisite manifestation of her inspiration and dreams for the future, which provide her with financial security enabling her to change her own life and that of her family.

Vuyiseka Phanzi

Her name means “Happiness” in isiXhosa and she is indeed an embodiment of happiness.

Juliet Wilson-Mutasa

Juliet’s passion for craft came from her mother, who could create amazing things with her hands.

Nomgcobo Magoloza-Bangiso

This accomplished seamstress puts the finishing touches on our bears, completing their transformation from pieces of fabric into works of art.

Ennia Chikudza

For Ennia, Taunina is a way for her to ensure her children will be able to get a great education.

Ntombizodwa Kufa

Zodwa was taught to sew and embroider by her sister when she was only 13, and would make her own dolls and dolls’ clothes.

Rudo Zenda

Rudo’s name means ‘love’ and that’s what she exudes: a love for creating things and expressing her creativity.

Patience Muzorori

Patience grew up as one of nine siblings in Zimbabwe and would like to return there one day to build a successful knitting business.

Juliet Kudzika

In Zimbabwe, Juliet used to buy and sell wood. She loves Taunina’s creations – just by looking at them, she says, your spirit is lifted.

Mercy Choguya

Mercy is passionate about artfully mixing colours together into breath-taking tapestries.

Gisele Saidi Kasumba

Gisele’s signature style is artfully blending different colours together in her embroidery and appliqué work.

Sophie Beauty Mashiri

Beauty used to weave her own dolls, so it’s fitting that she’s creating magic for a new generation of young girls.