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Product Information

What sizes are Taunina collectable soft toys?

Taunina’s collectable soft toys come in three different sizes:

  • Studio: Standing approximately 60cm (24 inches) tall, or sitting 40cm (17 inches) tall and 30cm (12 inches) wide, Taunina’s largest collection pieces are born to adorn your nursery or other special room.
  • Classic: Standing approximately 45cm (18 inches) tall, or sitting 34cm (13 inches) tall and 28cm (11 inches) wide, Taunina’s Classic collection pieces are probably reminiscent of the teddy bears you had in your youth.
  • Petite: Standing only approximately 26cm (10 inches) tall, or sitting 18cm (7 inches) tall and 12cm (5 inches) wide, Taunina’s Petite collection pieces are the perfect companions for your youngest ones.

How do I care for my Taunina collectable soft toy?

Each Taunina collectable soft toy is lovingly hand made in our beautiful studio. They are perfectly imperfect and these irregularities form part of their beauty. The fabric used is amongst the finest 100% cotton for softness and strength. To keep your special teddy bear, bunny rabbit or puppy dog looking its best, please take it to your dry cleaner when in need of a clean, and keep it away from moths and other hungry little beasts.

How are Taunina collectable soft toys made?

Each soft toy consists of more than twenty individual panels. Luxurious fabrics are hand-cut and hand-stitched, then adorned using age-old appliqué techniques with imagery drawing inspiration from nature, art and day-to-day life. These pieces are then embellished with colourful and intricate embroidery. You can read all about the magical creation process on our Making of page.

Who am I helping in buying a Taunina collectable soft toy?

Taunina employs a team of artists from underprivileged communities and provides them with income security and wages that are significantly above market-related salaries. We also allow them to share  in the success of the business. Of the profits generated before tax, 30% flows to the artists: 20% through the Bear Essentials Fund, which pays for the housing, healthcare, and education of Taunina artists and their families, and 10% in the form of productivity-related cash bonus payments. Meet the artists here.

I lost my Taunina passport – can I have a replacement?

If the passport is missing, we will provide you with a replacement passport free of charge, as long as the Taunina Bear is not more than two years old and has been registered.

In order to provide a replacement passport we must have a photo of the Taunina Bear’s right foot, clearly displaying the Taunina ID number. Please email us with the photo, registration name, and your request for a replacement passport.

How do I register my Taunina collectable soft toy?

Registering allows you to enter the World of Taunina and connect to the amazing artist who gave life to your new companion. You can register your Taunina collectable soft toy on the Log In page by filling out the online form and entering the 5-digit alphanumeric code from the inner cover of your collectable’s passport.

Registering also confirms the authenticity of your Taunina collectable soft toy and enables you to receive a replacement passport if ever needed.

Please note that registration and access to the World of Taunina is available for owners only. If a Taunina collectable is given as a gift, the recipient (not the purchaser) should register.