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Changing lives one stitch at a time

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Means 'Gratitude' in Shona

Charming heart petals grow from this lovely flower tree, attracting tiny birds and butterflies. The candyfloss pink embroidery accents really caught our eye here, especially on the spirals and the tiny buds growing out from the flower tree’s branches. The striking purple and turquoise chevron-stitch pattern in the middle reminds one of a sprig of lavender.

Abongile was born on 13 October, 2011 in Cape Town - South Africa

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Size: Studio
Colourway: Violet Lavender
Embroidery detail: Front and back
Dimensions: 37w x 29d x 40h(cm)

Fabrics used

Meet the artist...

Juliet Kudzika

In Zimbabwe, Juliet used to buy and sell wood. She loves Taunina’s creations – just by looking at them, she says, your spirit is lifted.
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