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The Collection

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Beautiful paisley patterns in soft greys, blues and lavender set the tone for this elegant teddy bear creation, with just the right balance of whimsy and charm to make it perfectly huggable. The artist has complemented the feature fabric with a collection of pretty flowers with pink and blue embroidery borders, and tiny rosebuds that snake and curl in-between.

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R 4780 (in-studio/online price processed in USD)


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Price: $550.00

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Fabrics used


Size: Classic

Signature Bears

Colourway: Violet Lavender
Embroidery: Front and back
Dimensions: 28w x 23d x 34h(cm)
Artist's wish: Respect


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Packaging and Certification

Each Taunina creation is one of a kind, and travels in a handcrafted reusable hatbox. A unique Taunina ID label and passport (teddy bears) or certificate (décor) accompany each Taunina collection piece, guaranteeing its originality.

Meet the artist...

Juliet Kudzika

In Zimbabwe, Juliet used to buy and sell wood. She loves Taunina’s creations – just by looking at them, she says, your spirit is lifted.
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