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The Collection

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Put your heart on the line and fall in love with this blazing Taunina teddy in royal blue and emerald green hues. An oversized embroidered bloom appliquéd onto its chest provides the ultimate showstopper to this already perfect bear. It’s part cuddly toy and part art piece.

£ 275 (processed in USD and subject to currency rate changes)
R 3610 (in-studio/online price processed in USD)


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Price: $415.00

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Fabrics used


Size: Petite

Nouveau, Signature Bears

Colourway: Ocean Sky
Imagery: Butterflies,Flowers
Embroidery: Front and back
Dimensions: 20w x 16d x 26h(cm)
Artist's wish: Happiness


South Africa. Reduce your carbon footprint and save on delivery costs by ordering a product from your nearest region. Click here to learn more.

Packaging and Certification

Each Taunina creation is one of a kind, and travels in a handcrafted reusable hatbox. A unique Taunina ID label and passport (teddy bears) or certificate (décor) accompany each Taunina collection piece, guaranteeing its originality.

Meet the artist...

Patience Muzorori

Patience grew up as one of nine siblings in Zimbabwe and would like to return there one day to build a successful knitting business.
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