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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Making Of

Every day, Taunina brings together talented artists who transform exquisite fabrics into prized works of art. Each Taunina treasure is brought to life in our atelier, where it takes up to seven days to conceptualise, craft, embellish and tailor a single one-of-a-kind collection piece.

For our artists, Taunina’s atelier is a home away from home – a place where talent is nurtured and ideas flourish, where beautiful art is created, and where dreams are realised. The creative energy is palpable: smiles, laughter and pride abound as the artists weave magic with their hands, collaborate on ideas and share stories as they work.

The atelier

We believe that beautiful things are best created in beautiful environments. Taunina’s atelier is a splendidly dreamy space, filled with gorgeous furniture, each with its own special narrative from a bygone era. There’s an intricately carved chair from Egypt, an embellished writer’s desk from Argentina, a quirky display cabinet uncovered in the dingy hollows of Maitland and a knitting stool adorned in tapestry. And then there is our beautiful antique studio table, which has been at the heart of Chiappini family storytelling for generations. Today, it takes pride of place at the centre of Taunina’s creative process.

Lovingly stitched

Each collection piece consists of many layers. Luxurious fabrics are hand cut and hand stitched before being adorned, using age-old appliqué techniques, with imagery  inspired by nature, art and day-to-day life. Dainty flowers, fluttering butterflies, singing birds and floating kites and balloons transform the front of a cushion or a teddy bear’s belly into a rich tapestry of colour, design and storytelling. These pieces are then embellished with colourful and intricate embroidery.

New journeys

Finally, each of our collection pieces is hand-finished by a skilled Taunina seamstress, in keeping with our philosophy of uncompromising quality. Our  ‘newborn’ decorative teddy bears are stowed away in custom-made hatboxes, each with his or her own certified passport, which bears the name and photograph of the artist who created it, as well as her inspiration and wish for the world. Taunina quilts and cushions are packaged in a handmade gift box with a signed certificate of originality.

When Taunina treasures are ready to travel to their new homes, we wave goodbye with a hint of sadness, but with hearts swelling with pride in the knowledge that these works of art will be cherished as future heirlooms by a new generation.