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Changing lives one stitch at a time

Changing Lives

It is our vision to create exquisite handmade embroidered collection pieces – treasured around the world for their beauty and unique artistry – and to build a better future by inspiring and effecting social change.

We afford our artists the opportunity to use their unique traditional artistry and creative talent to not only earn a living, but also to be recognised as creators of some of the most sought after collectable pieces in the world, and to be valued for their artistic contribution.

In this way, Taunina instils in its artists a sense of pride in their workmanship, provides its artists with income security and above market-related salaries, and allows them to share in the success of the business. Of the profits generated before tax, 30% will flow to the artists: 20% through the Bear Essentials Fund, which pays for the housing, healthcare and education of Taunina artists and their families, and 10% in the form of productivity-related cash bonus payments.

We invite you to learn more about our artists’ stories once you welcome a Taunina  treasure into your home and heart. While our artists may live in disadvantaged communities around the world, they possess a richness of talent, creativity, resilience and determination that will uplift your soul.

Agents of change

Taunina customers are recognised as discerning consumers, ambassadors for making a difference and protagonists for a better, more sustainable world. In receiving a Taunina collection piece, adults and children are exposed first-hand to global and social issues, impassioning them with a desire to change the world.

In gifting someone a Taunina treasure, the giver grows the recipient’s world, achieves measurable and visible social impact, and is recognised as a catalyst for change.

Taunina represents the intersection of art, commerce, and social consciousness.

Tracey Chiappini-Young Taunina CEO and Co-founder

Featured Artist

Patience Muzorori

Cape Town, South Africa

Patience grew up as one of nine siblings in Zimbabwe and would like to return there one day to build a successful knitting business.


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