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Changing the world

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Taunina One Year On

Here at Taunina we’ve all been so busy with our daily activities that Taunina’s first birthday flew by without anyone noticing! Besides being a good excuse to have a party, birthdays also offer us an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s highlights – and the low-lights – and to look forward to the next year ahead. So, armed with a cup of our favourite fruit tea, we put our feet up and took five minutes to cast our minds back a year. more…

Meet the next generation

A good education is the number one priority of all Taunina’s artists who have children of school-going age. Some, like Patience, Giselle and Juliet Wilson, are lucky enough to have their children living with them here in Cape Town, where they can keep a close eye on their children’s progress at school and support them or intervene if necessary.


Overcoming life’s challenges… graciously

If you were to observe Taunina’s talented artists, happily working and chatting away in our beautiful studio, you might be surprised to hear how many hardships they had to overcome in the journey that brought them here. In fact, many still face several challenges on a daily basis.

Of our ten artists, only one, Nomgcobo is from South Africa. Eight are from Zimbabwe and Giselle is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). more…

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Follow the stories of our artists and the journey of our brand as it spreads a message of hope around the world.

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