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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Rudo Zenda

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Rudo’s name means ‘love’ and that’s what she exudes: a love for creating things and expressing her creativity. She has a huge desire to learn anything and everything – working a computer is at the top of her list!

Rudo grew up in the town of Mutoko in Zimbabwe, a town she still loves to visit.

She didn’t finish school because her parents couldn’t afford the school fees, so she went to work on a flower farm. After that she taught children at a primary and secondary school. She came to Cape Town in 2009 to look for work. “Life was tough in Zimbabwe. We couldn’t even buy basic things like food, so I moved here and found Taunina.”

She is inspired by nature themes and says Table Mountain is one of her favourite places.

Taunina gives me an opportunity to express my creativity to the world. It enables me to think, work with my hands and create in a team environment, which I love.

Rudos latest creations...