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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Patience Muzorori

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

From patience springs beauty and creativity. So it’s fortunate that we have Patience Muzorori on board as one of our talented, and very patient, resident artists.

Her first love is knitting and she runs a side business selling jerseys, when she is not embroidering her magic for Taunina.

In 2007, life in Zimbabwe was very tough. We didn’t have our own currency, there was no employment and, at times, no water or electricity and even food was scarce. Even if you had money, there was no food in the shops.

My big sister had just moved to South Africa and so I decided to follow her. I heard about Taunina and it has changed my life. My husband bought a house for us in Cape Town, so while he is paying off the bond, I am supporting the family. I have had to “stand up” and I feel there is a secure future. I dress better and I have money for my kids. I still to go back home to Zimbabwe, but only when the situation improves there.

I am proud of my work, and that too has taken time and effort. At first I struggled but now I feel I’m good at my craft.

A basic salary provides the platform to achieve my goals. It’s a dream of mine to travel but I also love design and spending time with my children.

Patiences latest creations...

Princess Poppy