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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Juliet Wilson-Mutasa

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Juliet’s passion for craft was a gift from her mother, who had an ability to create amazing things with her hands. Her mum used to crochet clothes for her first doll, Hazel, and she fondly remembers the joy she felt watching her mum at work.

A Zimbabwean, born in Harare, , she came to South Africa in 2008 after a job at the Ministry of Health couldn’t cover her living costs. After a stint as a pastry chef, she earned a living knitting and sewing until she found Taunina.

She loves creating nature-inspired themes, speaks three languages, listens to Dolly Parton and Don Williams, and spends all her free time with her electrician husband, Patrick, and her two children.

My dream is to own my own knitting business one day. I'd like to create jerseys, scarves and beanies out of pure wool. Taunina is a great opportunity as it helps me open my mind and see what I’m capable of.