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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Juliet Kudzika

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

In Zimbabwe, Juliet used to buy and sell wood. “The standard of living was low, life was tough because we had no work, and the money we did have was valueless anyway. We were hungry and there was nothing to do. Survival was difficult.

When she arrived at Taunina in 2011, life changed. “I earn a salary to care for my family. I send money home for school fees and I even have some to share with my relatives. Life has become easier and I feel much better about the future.”

She and her husband, Rufaro, an electrician, left their three children back in Zimbabwe with his brother. They miss them desperately, but Juliet says she is grateful to be able to save money for their education “so that they can achieve more in their lives”.

On weekends she does her housework and then prefers to do as little as possible after that, saying that “weekends are for relaxing, listening to gospel music and reading magazines”.

Taunina’s creations are so beautiful, just by looking at them, your spirit is lifted.

Juliets latest creations...