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Changing lives one stitch at a time

The Artists

Sophie Beauty Mashiri

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Every day, this Zimbabwean-born artist lives up to her name by adorning Taunina bears with her beautiful embroidery and appliqué work. She comes from a family of designers, seamstresses, and carpenters but chose to make a living as a bookkeeper until her creativity found her a home in South Africa. She is inspired by nature and loves creating tree-and flower-themed designs while dreaming of travelling to far and exotic places.

As a young girl, in her hometown of Bindura, she used to weave her own dolls, so it’s only fitting that today she is creating magic and sharing her talents with a new generation of young girls.

My dream is to have a decent house, for my son to go to university and to visit London! I take pride in being able to create something that other people admire.

Sophies latest creations...